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badday - sebastien grainger

so i went to the bad day issue #3 launch and picked up the mag. true to form, sebastien‘s ad is in it, complete with my little drawing. a lot of people piled into a relatively small space but it seemed like a success so kudos to the kids running that popsicle stand. the original drawing can be viewed here.
i’m thinking (and hoping!) that this could be the start of something for me. all along i thought more traditional fine art would’ve been my preferred route but for the time being, i think i like the way this illustration thing seems and sounds. i was asked to design a logo and flyer for an event (which i’ll definitely touch on later) and my experience with that seemed like a mini version of what this stuff might really be like (according to my graphic designer friend). if it doesn’t lead anywhere, at least i’ll have tried, ha ha. but you never know, right?!?!¬†wish me luck!


get it?!?!? puns aside, i kind of like the idea that using one of these items tends to aid one of your senses, while the other may tend to impair it. amorphous solids. ballpoint ink on paper. 7.5″ x 10.5″

astonishingly enough, someone was once brave enough to ask me to play photographer for a night. my primary purpose to was to take some shots of the food that was catered; secondarily, i was to capture some moments of the event where the food was served. i guess my little point and shoot gave away that i was no pro, hahahahahaa. it was lots of fun though (and i’m no longer a photographer-for-hire-virgin!!!) and i think the shots turned out ok…but then again whaddu aye know bout diamonds photography??

(just one of many examples of) the food:
(the beginning of) the evening:


i drew this when i was in high school. truth be told, i wonder if i can do such realism/detail anymore. guess i’d better give it a shot and see, huh? i tried to find the name of the photographer who took this shot but to no avail. i believe i yoinked this image from a people magazine though.


the only thing i’ve ever drawn twice….so far. that might be a bad thing actually.

my buddy asked me to do this for (what ended up being) his first wedding anniversary.

merry me on major's hill


this one’s over ten years old, if you can believe that.