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#sebastien grainger

i hadn’t checked the bad day magazine site in a while and it was kind of nice to find this video of my favourite issue (ha). my half second occurs at 1:15.

badday - sebastien grainger

so i went to the bad day issue #3 launch and picked up the mag. true to form, sebastien‘s ad is in it, complete with my little drawing. a lot of people piled into a relatively small space but it seemed like a success so kudos to the kids running that popsicle stand. the original drawing can be viewed here.
i’m thinking (and hoping!) that this could be the start of something for me. all along i thought more traditional fine art would’ve been my preferred route but for the time being, i think i like the way this illustration thing seems and sounds. i was asked to design a logo and flyer for an event (which i’ll definitely touch on later) and my experience with that seemed like a mini version of what this stuff might really be like (according to my graphic designer friend). if it doesn’t lead anywhere, at least i’ll have tried, ha ha. but you never know, right?!?! wish me luck!

so i’m pretty chuffed about this: who happened to stumble upon one of my drawings of sebastien grainger? sebastien grainger! he’ll be using my drawing in an upcoming ad that will run in the winter edition of bad day magazine. thanks sebastien!!! 

sebastien grainger

His album was about the only album I was looking forward to this past fall and I don’t think it disappoints. I’ve been drawing in ballpoint a lot but seeing this and some other drawings makes me want to go back to the felt tips. Sebastien Grainger in moleskine.


jesse f. keeler and sebastien grainger in moleskine. grainger’s album comes out 21.10.2008. can’t. eff’n. wait.