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so the lack of posting can mostly be attributed to this latest commission. oil on canvas. a photo reference was provided. i’ve been planning out a new tracy jordan inspired illustration so back to that i go. perhaps i will post progress but most likely it’ll all come out in one post. depends on my lazy factor, ha ha.

astonishingly enough, someone was once brave enough to ask me to play photographer for a night. my primary purpose to was to take some shots of the food that was catered; secondarily, i was to capture some moments of the event where the food was served. i guess my little point and shoot gave away that i was no pro, hahahahahaa. it was lots of fun though (and i’m no longer a photographer-for-hire-virgin!!!) and i think the shots turned out ok…but then again whaddu aye know bout diamonds photography??

(just one of many examples of) the food:
(the beginning of) the evening:


the only thing i’ve ever drawn twice….so far. that might be a bad thing actually.

my buddy asked me to do this for (what ended up being) his first wedding anniversary.

merry me on major's hill