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decided to put more prints up on society6 here. please enjoy.

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here’s a personal / promotional illustration of mine own. enjoy.

annie clark
so i’ve given st. vincent‘s latest album, actor, a few listens and the consensus is that i like it. her voice is rather calming and sweet but she complements that with some fairly dodgy and even menacing guitars. i’m usually a bit baffled the display of an artist’s face on an album with nothing else but i’m a bit compelled to think that’s that part of the whole concept as well. people who know how they look (read: beautiful people showing that they know they’re beautiful) usually garner a groan out of me but even this seems a little more than that; more than the not just a pretty face idea too. it’s a trap! haha. anyway, i thought i’d experiment with watercolours and this is one of the more palatable results. coincidentally enough, one of the characters she plays in her songs talks about being a watercolour painting washing away. give actor a listen for something different. i will keep on doing so, looking for more arrested development references. annie clark in moleskine.

st vincent

st vincent┬áhas an album coming out soon and i think i’m looking forward to it (i try not to do this because the albums invariably end up failing to deliver). the strangers sounds pretty solid though so hopefully that’s a sign of things to come. regardless, her voice is pretty amazing. a great bit about her first album, marry me, is that its name supposedly stems from arrested development. annie clark in moleskine, 8×10″