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YOLO T.O. is a new Toronto street food venture and the owners reached out to me to help them create a logo. By now I think many people are familiar with what YOLO stands for and it was an interesting and challenging concept to illustrate. We explored a lot of avenues but we were very happy to choose the finished product you see above. The colour scheme will be adaptable to fit different themes and events as the good folks at YOLO T.O. see fit. I’m excited to see what they do with the colours.

YOLO T.O. will debut their food at the next Toronto Underground Market event that’s going down this weekend. If you can make it, show them some love. Their food sounds pretty good. Their site is still a work in progress but you can check out their Facebook and Twitter pages to get the latest info.

so apparently i can’t ever think something is done but i’m definitely going to have to learn to do that. i’m happier with the above product. the concept is still there and is (i think) stronger…not to mention more aesthetically pleasing? i’ve actually been asked about prints here and there so i’ve had that at the back of my mind for a little while. i figured as an exercise, i’d show part of the process and meaning behind the logo in a print friendly layout. the two arrangements i’m liking are below.
corvulution5 corvulution2

if you’ve been following along at all (and for this i shall say very flatteringly say thanks), then you could probably have guessed that i have a slight fascination with ravens. i’m so very interested in graphic design and the question was actually raised to me that were i to have my own little illustrative design type of shop, what would my logo be? well, behold (or scoff at) the first iteration for that. i will probably tweak this some more but i can already see a host of ways to vary this, to which i’m nerding out at the mere possibility. i’m a loser. it’s true.