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#jillian tamaki

as predicted, there were some much better fan art entries for jill’s book. here are the ones she liked most.

Jill is having a contest where she’ll be picking her favourite submissions of fan art for her work on Skim. I fully expect not to be among her favourites but I thought I would submit something for fun. I’m actually really looking forward to seeing what others did too.

I haven’t read the book but I’ve gotten the few-word-synopsis about Skim going through teenagerdom while opting to live the lifestyle of a gothic, wiccan lesbian of sorts. I got the sense that it was about high school drama with more to boot. Now that I’m…ahem…older, those tribulations are pretty minor….hence the ‘spilt milk’ imagery in this one. And then what kind of milk you ask?? Oh how retarded I really am


so i’m really just seeing if this whole blogging thing appeals to me. i’m not much for diaries so i’m not even really sure why i’m bothering with this except to give me a reason to try to doodle in my sketchbook(s) more regularly. i guess the prospect of the odd person actually following along would make me get off my ass to try and update things somewhat frequently. i do do work on more proper pieces but they take me forever. maybe works in progress will go up. artsy fartsy attempts at photography too.

i have to admit i’ve been partially inspired to do this by the likes of some very talented illustrators: james jean (blog); jillian tamaki – i lived beside her in uni! (blog); jill`s husband, sam; aitor throup`s stuff is cool too; etc. they`ve managed to make a living at what will probably only ever end up being my hobby. maybe i can make something more of it over time. lately i feel like time is running out for me so i`m trying to get my act together to at least try.

some potentially ugly stuff is gonna be posted; pieces are the place to try to get things right. my sketch is basically where i go buck and failures run rampant but it’s usually fun either way. for me.

here’s an oldie to start.