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yyz #3


My mom retired a little while ago and decided to pursue her passion and dream of studying art. She has been painting for quite some time and drawing since she was very young but she wanted the foundation and community that study tends to afford. She loves it. And it’s all she talks about now, which isn’t a bad thing. I wasn’t sure what she’d churn out when it came to styles and media that she wasn’t natively interested in pursuing but I do like the variety of pieces she has produced. It’s weird to know that this is basically the beginning but i’m definitely curious about what she’ll produce next.

She recently got picked up by Agora in New York and will have her first official show there in a few months. I put together a very quick site for here which you can see here but when I have time, I’d really like to put something special together for her. Feel free to take a look, cheer her on, or even better, purchase something here.

Here is some of her work.