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gila monster


While poisonous, their venom hasn’t reportedly killed anyone yet. Not many lizards are actually poisonous, interestingly enough. They’re the largest lizards indigenous to the U.S., weighing in at about five pounds. They actually only feed a handful of times a year so I wonder how big they’d be if they ate more regularly. When they do feed though, they can eat up to a third of their bodyweight. That’s a fair amount of food. Also, they’re protection status is threatened.



Gibbons are the most avid walkers of the primate family yet they seem to travel most efficiently by swinging, or brachiating, through trees. A single swing can cover nearly fifteen metres. Another thing that sets them apart is that they’re actually monogamous, which many primates are not. And to stand out still, they are the most endangered.

giant squid

these are the largest of all invertebrates on earth. like giant. like big as a bus giant. of their ten arms, two are for longer for feeding. i believe this is characteristic of all squid. they seem to inhabit the deepest part of the oceans which has made studying and understanding them difficult. i suddenly want some calamari.