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american bullfrog

these guys moo. seriously. they sound like cows. which is awesome. it seems like they’re pretty easy going. they live in many, many parts of north america, asia, south america, europe….nearly everywhere. seemingly like their cousins, they’ll eat just about anything they can put in their mouths. insects. of course. mice? yup. snakes. ok, let’s do it. birds. why not? wait, what? yeah, they eat birds. craziness. see? easy going. then again, some of the latter animals are also their predators so size matters here people. i didn’t know that they hunt nocturnally. also, people eat their legs. bullfrogs, aside, calling them american bullfrogs only makes me think of budweiser commercials from back in the day. rana catesbeiana in moleskine

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hey donny!
the top ten are the first 10 designs on this list:
the overall winner chosen by the director is the second design by BSimpson – said on the exhibition 🙂

thanks mina! i thought the director was choosing the top ten, not just the winner. i guess i didn’t read that so closely. thanks again.