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portrait of robin pecknold. before i learnt that a certain band’s new album will be released this saturday, fleet foxes‘s new album was probably the one i was anticipating most. i’m currently rotating between in rainbows, high violet and fleet foxes. two out of three ain’t bad, right? maybe if i work on an illustration of the national, they’ll announce / release a new album? at the rate albums are released these days (and i’m not complaining), probably not. but here’s to hoping? i might post the process later but there wasn’t much behind it though a wee bit of “undocumented” thought went into the colouring.


i really love experimental jetset’s work. you need to go to their site now. i could spend days looking at their archives and i really appreciate that they actually took the time to explain their pieces. yeah, i know – sometimes if you have to explain the concept it may not be as good. i can appreciate that. i tend to disagree with that notion though. mostly because i’m probably too daft to fully understand things sometimes, ha ha. but hey, some took shannon’s channel coding theorem at face value and some wanted to see the proof behind it.

anyway, the idea for the poster is my little homage to these talented dutch folks. they conceived this idea years ago and it’s been redone several times over. i did a little bit of checking and didn’t see a radiohead version. i thought that that was blasphemy. so i made my own. rather than completely recycling the idea, i thought i’d add a little twist to signify the brotherly connection between members of the band. at the same, i thought i’d try and acknowledge a pair of swiss fellows who helped make jetset’s poster possible as well.


so this one was fueled by illustration friday‘s theme of hierarchy. i’m sure you can figure out how it came about. the order changes from time to time but the current order is:
  1. in rainbows
  2. ok computer
  3. the bends
  4. kid a
  5. hail to the thief
  6. amnesiac
  7. pablo honey
it’s a bit messy but i’m going to blame it on the fact that it’s a bit late. considering that there’s really only one more day until the next topic comes ’round, that’s a double entendre for you folks that are paying attention. my favourite band‘s albums.

thom yorke

i can’t say enough about this wonky eyed man. i’d have almost no faith in music without him and his band. his solo stuff is pretty damn good too. radiohead‘s frontman in moleskine.

phil selway

he once moonlighted as a wyrd sister. his timing (on and off beat) is amazing, just listen to pyramid songradiohead‘s drummer in moleskine.

ed obrien

i believe he came up with the riff for street spirit. ace. radiohead‘s guitarist in moleskine.

jonny greenwood

the quiet one. i think. he plays and writes some mean music. one of the best things about there will be blood was the score. quite the “no wonder!” moment when i saw who wrote the music when the credits rolled.

colin greenwood

i recommend checking their in the basement video out. colin. eff’n. rocks. radiohead‘s bassist in moleskine.