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#life drawing
a couple of weeks ago i was able to finally go to life drawing for the first time in months. i was out of practice but it felt pretty good. i should probably mix up the media i use more but i still find it challenging to capture something i’m completely happy with. every once in a while i’m ok with the session. the drawings below from an earlier session occurred on such a day. life drawing at ocad, in moleskine.
one minute poses.
five and ten minute poses.
lifedrawing.004.2lifedrawing.004.3 lifedrawing.004.4
twenty minute poses. i think i’m going to break out the brush pen more.
speaking of mixing it up, i really love francis vallejo‘s life drawings.

his other work is, uh, ok too. check it out and you’ll see what i mean. this kid’s a machine and seems to really breathe through his work. check out his blog here, too.

i haven’t been drawing as much due to holiday happenings and tinkering with my website (soon to come!). to boot i will be working on two other sites and a painting so who knows when i will get time to draw. here are some life drawings at ocad from a little while back. hope you had a nice holiday and new year’s.


one minute poses.


five and ten minute poses. you can skip over these ones now.

lifedrawing.003.3lifedrawing.003.5 lifedrawing.003.4

twenty minute poses.

so i told myself that i’ll try and do a proper illustration for IF but having just gone through my sketchbook this one seems right. there are obvious reasons and there ones that probably aren’t so clear. and that also leads me to think this one is right. one minutes life drawing poses, along with other people drawing with me, at ocad.

i’ve actually had projects to work on without much time to proper doodle. the bulk of what i’ve drawn lately have occurred on the subway or at life drawing sessions. here’s another session at ocad.

one minute poses.

five minute poses.
ten minute poses.
twenty minute poses.

below are drawings from a session at ocad quite some time ago. i think this was the first time i had gone in a while. life drawing is such a love / hate thing for me. i’ve been going more regularly as of late and i feel like my drawings are getting tenser and tenser. the drawings are definitely messier and i dare say less organised. i think i’m trying too hard but i still love the challenge of the setting and the various ways one can challenge oneself to draw differently. i’m not sure how much it shows but during these sessions i am trying to draw a little outside of my comfort zone.
1 min poses
5 & 10 min

20 min


i’ve grown quite accustomed to drawing with ballpoint and on this particular day i forgot the one i favoured at the time. i wasn’t really feeling the drawings that day but it’s probably good to use more of the shitload of marking sticks i seem to have amassed. i even went back to graphite and charcoal but i’m too lazy to scan those at the moment. also, they’re not very good, ha ha.

fd003 fd004 fd006

having looked back at these, despite the probably obvious problems with them, i think i should try and use some other media to mix things up.

i haven’t figure drawn since high school so i thought it would be fun to try this again. it was pretty funny – me showing up with my little sketchbooks amidst portfolio touting peoples with giant sketchpads with charcoal and accessories to boot. it was strange trying to get a sense of timing down but it was fun having those impending deadlines so quickly approaching. consequently i don’t think i have much to show (or that i would want to, ha ha) from my first session back. figure drawings (of, i swear, evan penny’s doppelganger) in moleskine.