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#hedi slimane

pseudo life drawings 001
whoa, it’s been almost a month since i last posted. i was away for two weeks though so that didn’t help.

i haven’t been to life drawing in ages and i’m itching to go i think. to try and circumvent that a little i’ve been using photos for reference. hedi slimane always has interesting ones. can’t really quote pose lengths but i probably should’ve timed myself and stopped for fun. drawn in nice, new, red moleskine.

just some study fun with brush pens. kind of a fast one so the likeness isn’t amazing but hey. photo by hedi slimane. natalia vodianova in moleskine.

i’m actually busy with projects if you can believe that so posting frequency is getting even lower. not much to say about this one. photo by hedi slimane, in moleskine


…colour (pen)?
just add water