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#elliott smith

outside the bars
i’m still working out the process so i thought i’d take a shortcut and reference a photo i found online (and the purists shiver!). i think i would’ve liked a slightly more textured background but what can i say? i’m still figuring a few things out. i fiddled with this more than i intended to so i just drew the line. elliott smith, hand drawn, then coloured digitally.

elliott smith
it seems i relate a lot of things to music. IF’s topic is tango but i kept thinking of waltz #2 – one of my favourite songs. i can’t really think of many songs that actually employ a waltz tempo these days. either way he seemed to dance a fine line between many elements over his life time but his talent was pretty undeniable. i’m not the best of guitar players but his ability was pretty crazy – try playing angeles. elliott’s music could probably be described as sombre in general but i suppose that depends on how you’re looking at it. if you haven’t heard of him, you probably heard his stuff if you checked out good will hunting. anyway, i say his stuff is worth the listen. while you’re at it, go listen to between the bars and pitseleh. go. elliott smith in moleskine, 8×10″

mister misery

i hadn’t posted anything in colour in a while so here’s something i suppose, albeit still monochromatic. soon to change, hopefully! it seems like he had a lot of problems but he was a hell of a guitarist and songwriter regardless of his general happiness. it’s interesting that he had enough material that a couple of posthumous albums have been released…and still might be? i’ll definitely pick them up if they do. elliott smith in moleskine.

for some reason, i have been drawing musicians a lot. i guess i am getting bored of the cbc. much credit goes to carrie musgrave.

in no particular order:
brandon boyd
…brandon boyd

elliott smith dizzy gillespie
… elliott smith, sydney pollack, and dizzy gillespie

jack white mia
…jack white and m.i.a.

kele okereke
…kele okereke