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go easy on me, this is literally the first time i tried writing out the alphabet in gothic lettering. behold my new bookmark.

side a:

calligraphic foray 1

side b:

calligraphic foray 2

in a few millenia, i might have nice hand writing.

Legacy of Letters from Luca Barcellona on Vimeo.

i think this video was posted just about everywhere a few months ago and for very good reason. i was pretty impressed with the control and smoothness of luca’s marks but i just about had a fit when things started connecting so seamlessly. if you haven’t seen this yet, seriously watch it – it’s worth it. especially if you’re at all interested in lettering of any kind.

luca posted some more videos to promote calligraphy, showing off his talent (not to mention crazy tools!) along with a very talented, fellow calligrapher francesca biasetton. my favourite of the new videos is below but go check them all out on his vimeo page.

i just bought myself some of those wide markers and i plan on making a mess of things. i really wish they made them in magenta though. are you listening, good folks at copic?? i also impulse bought one of their disposable fountain pens today as well. i realised that i really missed more fluid ink when i did leslie nielsen‘s portrait so i’m gonna try and mix things up a bit more again.