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i was able to check out amanda’s tapping the admiral show at the le gallery and i have to say her drawings up close are incredible. i first heard of amanda through blogTO where she has a feature. when i first saw some of her drawings there, i thought they were pretty great. well put together. deconstructed. detailed. elaborate. painterly. i could go on. when she launched her site, the thumbnails showed a whole other dimension to her work. seeing it up close only awed me even more. if you have a chance and you’re in the toronto area, check out her stuff while it’s still there. i haven’t touched graphite in the longest time but i’m now inspired to go back to it. just as soon as i’m done the projects i’m already working on. i hope.

toronto artists

i’ve been frequenting blogTO for a while now and i like that they have a fair amount of news, guides, and general information about toronto. i don’t think the toronto star’s site even has a dedicated section to art. blogTO are pretty johnny on the spot with the ttc updates on twitter as well, which is a tremendous help. one thing i really like about the site is that they feature local artists with interviews, samples of their work, and of course links to their sites. i used a few as subejcts one day. luke painter, david trautrimas, dan bergeron, anna pantchev, and amanda nedham in moleskine, 9×10″