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studying: drawing or painting?
i have tried some staedtler brush pens in the past but the nibs are essentially foam dewdrops or something with no bristles. they’re decent for some effects but i think i like their results more on smoother drawing paper. texturewise, well, it’s not so easy to achieve this (for me, but i could just suck). i should probably just watercolour more but the lazy genius in me loves the compactness of brush pens and i’ve found one that works for me so far. i wish they’d release coloured inks for it here. it’s not without it’s quirks as well but the range and precision can’t be beat in my books. you judge? above is the pentel. this is with the staedtlers.
also, i don’t know what to call these? drawings? paintings? the ink seems waterbased so….watercolours? my ignorance knows no bounds.

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My thought would be to call them drawings, but that’s what I call anything done with ink. I do like this effect a lot. Great portrait.