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space issues #1
space issues 1
i feel like i’ve been conjuring up some quite complicated concepts and the execution of these ideas hasn’t been very great. for my next design related things, i just want to come up with a simple idea, plan things out very minimally, and study the repercussions of the initial planning and the more spontaneous decisions that seem to always occur come development time (not to mention the more traditional aspects of space, form, etc.). hopefully the execution won’t suffer as much with less to work with.
i swear riding on the tube to and from work is slowly making me develop temporary fits of having space issues and i just thought it would be funny to take the idea further. i like the idea of a self referential design that still talks to the owner/viewer. i have a few ideas as to how to implement this concept in different ways so there will be a short series of posters by the end of this. perhaps three or four in total, they’ll all typographic in nature. lately i’m really struck by just how much we look at letters as accepted “shapes” without (having or) taking the time to appreciate the forms that compose the letters and gaps and spaces in between.
since this is the first of these posters, i’ve left it as basic as possible. no colour, no texture. i wanted to use letters large enough to not only overflow outside of the boundaries but also start to create an ambiguity between the positive and negative space. sans serifs like these tend to need a fair bit of white space to breath but i still think this is quite readable, given the anti-letter-spacing and size of the type. this size also helps to bring the negative space to the forefront, especially since the similarly shaped forms tend to lie in loose groups.
i might look into letterpressing these at some point as well, depending on how happy i am with the series. enjoy.

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I agree with what you said about not taking the time to appreciate the gaps and spaces in between the letters. I would have never, in my entire life, notice the arrow in the FedEx logo unless you had pointed it out to me. Genius.