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i seem to do a lot of portraits but i do enjoy drawing the odd animal or two, among other things. i do prefer candid images or those that are simply uncharacteristic of the subject in terms of general perception. pandas always seemed to me to be rather harmless, sedentary beings so i thought that i would try one that looked, well, angry. i knew that they like to mow down on some bamboo action usually but i didn’t know that it is actually 99% of their diets. they are still taxonomically deemed to be carnivorous though and they do crave the odd bit of meat, fish, eggs or what have you.

i’m also fond of this checkered/basketweave texture/pattern as of late. i suppose i’m reminded slightly of pixels as well. in retrospect i probably should’ve tried more of a gradual enlargement of the ‘fadeout’ to the larger patches but hey. hindsight is a friend that shows up the party invited but a bit late sometimes. an angry asian ailuropoda or my boy dj panda in moleskine, 9×10″

yes this is a double post to i.f. sorry, couldn’t resist.

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Interesting take on the panda. I’ve been on a little kick of panda painting myself. I did two in the last year, but mine were peaceful and one was smoking…Anyways, I just wanted to let you know that I think you have a really good eye for form. Your drawings look like there is a skeleton underneath the flesh. I enjoyed looking around your blog, I’ll be keeping an eye out for more of your IFs.

your drawings are amazing!! inspire me :o)

I love the panda’s fearsome mouth. I’m really fond of the “basketweave” texture myself, but it takes a lot of patience. My other favorite is the “lots of circles all close together” which also takes too much patience. Alas….

thanks guys!

coreo – and here i thought i was being all original with something for once. just goes to show you sometimes. you’re right though, lots of patience is required.

Your portraits are soooo good, I’m really taken with them.
(my favourite is the lady with the red glasses9

Very nice. I really like seeing a panda that isn’t looking cute for once.

this is stunning and a totally beautiful drawing

So cool donny

Great technique on this…smart on what you did and did not draw…my only complaint…even when I could enlarge it I wanted to see it bigger!!!