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i decided to try to paint my cousin and his wife – i hope they like it! this was my first real shot at oil but hopefully won’t be my last. i’d only ever painted with acrylics and that was some time ago. once my current projects are done i think a rotation between the stuff i usually do and oil will be healthy for me. the drying time is so long that unless i have eight paintings on the go i won’t be so busy, ha ha. feel free to let me know how bad this is. oil on canvas, 14 x 18″

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THis is wonderful–and I’m sure they’ll think it’s great. I haven’t done oils since college. I love the smell of turpentine and the whole medium, but haven’t been willing to make the commitment to be set up to use oils. DO more! (and post the results).

! as always so good. The world of oil paint is one you will never leave once you’ve been. Donny, been meanign to ask you, where do you go life drawing? i’m in need of some.