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bestiary: arctic fox

sly samoyeds? i suppose not. their white coats definitely help them camouflage in the winter although i’m not sure how much that helps them as predators. they eat fish, rodents, rats, and such but in the dead of winter, there can’t be that many of those critters around, can there? ah, solution. they get their proverbial sloppy seconds by eating in the wake of the kills of polar bears. those beautiful white coats do protect them well from the cold though. they can survive temperatures around -50 centigrade…..brr chilly brr. also crazy: females give birth to sometimes fourteen little babies. fourteen! vulpes lagopus in moleskine.

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Veeeeery nice work ! Your lines are so smooth. I have a blog about tundra animals such as the arctic fox and snowy owls you might find interesting,.