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bestiary: aardvark

if you’ve been following along at all, you might have noticed that i’ve been throwing animals into the mix of my drawings. i’ve been thinking about personal projects a lot and have been thinking about selling prints as well. the bulk of my drawings tend to end up in my sketchbooks but i was a bit taken aback when i was told that someone wanted a print of one of my doodles. the 15 nanoseconds of fame i got from booooooom seemed to garner a nice response to the drawings and illustrations i did in my sketchbooks also.

i started just drawing animals for a change. at first i did animals which i was just plainly interested in drawing and found that i loved the freedom and difference in depicting these beings. so i kept going. while the drawings are and will be scattered among many sketchbooks i’m sure, i think i’d like to put them together and make a book out of it. i did some research and it doesn’t look any modern bestiaries exist? i guess they’re called the internets. or wikipedia. nevertheless, i think i’d like to add an illustrated companion to all of that.
it’ll be a while before i finish this but i’ll try and post every animal i draw (which i hope to be every mammal, at the very least). for the most part, this will go alphabetically but i’ll take requests to have some done earlier. let me know if you think you’d like one.