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apparently it was too easy to mix santi white’s old moniker, santogold, with some other dude’s oh so famous pseudonym of santo gold. an artist with probably one of last year’s best albums vs. some jeweler / filmmaker (infomercials!) that no one has heard of? uh huh. whatever her reasons, white decided to change her stage name to santigold. when i got into her stuff last year, her style reminded me of m.i.a. and lo and behold they toured together. that would’ve been a pretty dope bill. anyway, her album is ace and most probably has something for everyone. photo from flickr, i believe. felt tip pen in moleskine, 9″ x 10″.

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I absolutely love your soft rendering of her skin. Very beautiful. I’ll have to check out her album. I’m always up for new music.

Thanks for the comment on my blog! I greatly appreciate it!